Business Solutions

Technical Services

Micro-Informa provides a wide range of maintenance for your business requirements. Our team of Certified technicians is there to help your organization maintain your current infrastructure and your growing networks, implement new technologies at cost effective solutions. We offer many levels of service support to help support and maintain your IT infrastructure. Our goal is to reduce downtime and we will always propose cost-effective options and service levels to help suit your business requirements.

Security Solutions

Protecting your valuable and sensitive IT infrastructure and business critical data. We offer Anti-virus solutions to help safeguard your entire infrastructure, systems and business sensitive information against harmful virus attacks. Our key manufacturers will offer Firewall solutions in order to prevent unauthorized access to your network and intranet. SPAM solutions will help reduce disruptive and potentially harmful email intrusions into your network. VPN/ Secured Remote access solutions this service will ensure and enable your mobile and remote users to connect through a VPN Tunnel Virtual Private Network.

Responsible Recycling Solutions (RRS):

Simplifying your infrastructures and upgrades. Our offering is cost-effective and beneficial to your IT infrastructure; we have become responsible environmentally by offering the removal of your out-dated equipment and proper disposal. We also have been recuperating and recycling empty toners and safely disposing Battery Back UPS units Canada wide.


We offer a wide range of financing options for equipment or software procurement. We pride ourselves by negotiating and attain the best rate possible for your acquisition if the lease option is chosen.

On Time Delivery:

Our 3 strategic distribution centers allows us to offer a quick and on time next business day delivery across Canada.

Life Cycle Protection Solution & CTO Configure To Order

Our team will offer you an End to End solution to help maintain, repair and support your IT assets through it’s entire life cycle and will protect your investment of purchases made. Our goal is to reduce your TCO Total Cost Of Ownership through the cycle of the equipment acquired and we pride ourselves in providing leading edge IT products to our valued customers. Configure to order is designed to target your specific business needs with limitless configuration options.