2feaMicro-Informa, a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) Services, offers an array of diversified service offerings. We deliver value-added services, thanks to our team of IT professionals and technology specialists. Our service department vows to offer high-value and results-oriented personalized service to each customer’s unique business requirements. Micro-Informa offers a wide range of service and support solutions to help your organization maintain and control your IT technology. We design and provide our solutions to ensure our customers maximum efficiency and a sound return on their entire IT investment.

Micro-Informa understands the customers’ business as well as their IT environment. Coupled with our leading-edge technological expertise, we will ensure the highest quality of service. Our service plans are really geared to fit every customers needs, thanks to our wide range and flexible service offerings. We offer hardware and server maintenance, standard system verifications and inspections, network management and growth planning. Flexible support plans are available with response times to match your organizations needs. A various line of options and additional services may be purchased individually or combined at preferential rates. IT fulfillment and procurement is one more type of service which we do offer and our valued customers benefit from as well.

Micro-Informa has extensive experience in installing and managing PC-Based information systems, LAN & WAN Environments. We have a solid legacy with strong knowledgeable staff and a team of professionals.

Our services include:

- Procurement Services, reducing actual acquisition cost
- Configuration services, custom hardware and software configuration, testing
- Life cycles services, elimination downtime, consulting the client’s needs, and administering the total cost of uptime
- Cabling, setting up networks and optimizing existing networks
- National presence and tremendous support in the IT Channel.
- We offer thousands of products – Next business day delivery.