Computer and Server Hardware Troubleshooting

We provide Canada with Computer and Server Hardware Troubleshooting. Micro Informa knows the ins and outs of any computer, both new and old. Troubleshooting means problem solving, and is applied to repair any failed product or process. Micro Informa provides quick response to troubleshoot and assess any problems that have occurred with your machine. Our goal is to save you from down time, and save you money. If your computer is physically broken, running slow, crashing, not booting up, or not turning on at all, you may be facing a hardware issue.

We will assess vital, and common potentially problem causing components like:

  • CPU: The CPU (Computer Processing Unit) is the “brain” of your computer. It processes all of your computer’s instructions. We are proficient in both AMD and Intel Computer Processors.
  • Case: Most computers are built with an ATX-Form-Factor case. It is used to mount all of your computer’s components and keep them in place, and prevent unwanted movement of essential components.
  • Power Supply: The Power Supply converts AC Voltage into different voltages needed to power your computer. These are needed by nearly every component inside the computer. We can troubleshoot and replace Power Supplies and prevent fatal electrical problems, and loss of important data.
  • Motherboard: Also called the Mainboard, is the large, thin, flat, rectangular fiberglass board (typically green) attached to the case. The Motherboard carries the CPU, the RAM, the chipset and the expansion slots (PCI, AGP – for graphics -, ISA, etc.). With a faulty Motherboard, your computer will not run. We provide safe Motherboard replacement services.
  • RAM: It stands for Random Access Memory, and it stores data during processing by the CPU. A slow computer can often be due to a faulty RAM chip, or not enough memory. We provide installation of additional RAM chips, and replacements of failed ones.
  • Hard Drive: The Hard Drive or Disk contains all data such as software, programs, important files, which are often essential, irreplaceable, and can’t be lost. We will assess all Hard Drive issues and present you with the best solution.
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